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Please Help me

Help with Money started this conversation
I am a single mother of 2 my daughter is 15months old and my son is 3months old. And if it wernt for my parents I would not be able to feed them. I live with my parents and cant pay them any rent. we live out of the city where there is no bus. I have no car to get to a job, I am $200.00 in the hole just in over draft fee's at my bank alone. I am so far under, I have barrowed thousands of dollars from freinds and family, with no way to pay them back. I need help PLEASE if there is someone out there who can help me please come to my aid!!!
Please contact me at:
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Coreys Mom   in reply to Coreys Mom
I am actually Coreys father, reposting this for my son and ex-wife. She really needs the money help and I have given all I can at this time. Thanks for taking the time.
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Coreys Mom
Please help ..paypal
I am a single mother with three children. My son Corey and I are disabled. He is very ill with a connective tissue disorder called EDS, and has had a pacemaker for 5 years now. He was born without his right ear, and is blind on his left side. They first thought he had Goldenhar Syndrome, and Marfans at another time, but at this point they are saying EDS and possibly has more than one syndrome. He blacks out on average 3-5 times a day, it doesn't matter what he is doing at the time, and it is currently unknown why he is doing this. He hurts alll the time in his joints and can dislocate a hip just rolling over in his sleep. He received the Pacemaker because his heart rate was extremely low, 3o to 40 beats per minute, so they gave him the pacemaker, and it was so nice to see color in his face again. But now his heart races at times to almost 300 beats per minute at times for no apparent reason. Needless to say, it is very scary.

Recently my only transportation broke down on the highway. After having it towed and getting an estimate at the auto shop, I was told it was the transmission and that it would cost a little over 1800.00 to have a rebuilt one bought and installed.

I have absolutely no way of coming up with that kind of money on my income and really, really need help. Corey makes numerous trips to his Cardiologist, Geneticist,and Primary care Physician. I cannot be without my van or a car of somekind to get to and from his appointments

I have tried all other options, and I hope and pray that someone can help me.

Sheryl B.
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 in response to chevy...   I'm 21 years old. I'm from Lithuania. First of all, i want apologize for my mistakes , because my english is not very good...I decided to write because I need help wealthier people...I am a second year student, studying nursing. Lithuania ordinary people earning a few $ 250 per month,so this money not enough for study and live..My studies are responsible, so at a time and work and study can not, and especially when the science going on from morning to evening ....I just want to ask your financial aid...please help me...I will be grateful for any financial assistance.... if you want to help me write to my gmail. I would greatly appreciate.
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usually every county has a food pantry . You can ususally find them in the phone book or online for your area I hope this helps. chevy

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